Polskie Fabryki Porcelany „Ćmielów” i „Chodzież” Factory

Polskie Fabryki Porcelany “Ćmielów” i "Chodziez" S.A. Factory has over 223 years experience in producing high class porcelain.

The factory has gained a great experience through the years and now it is one of the main producers of tableware in Poland and Europe, with designs known and esteemed all over the world.

The products are made of porcelain (mixture of high quality raw materials Kaolin, Quartz and Feldspar).

The factory offers dinner , tea, coffee sets as well as open stock items in very wide selection. Compostion of set is limited only by the creativity of the customer.

The range offer covers both classic and modern shapes, we also do not avoid vanguard designs.

The factory offers porcelain in variety of decorations, from very classic up to extremely vivid and modern ones.

Every year the factory shows new ones during Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt.

It is possible to visit the workshops of the factory. The excursion should be booked in advance.