10 min by car
25 min by bicycle
50 min by walking
Outskirts of town
Interesting for children
Town history
Good all year round
Stróżewo has 340 inhabitants. It is a village with developing agriculture, industry and craftsmanship.

An Agricultural Production Cooperative specialises in pig breeding on over 300 hectares. A few of the eleven farmers here have farms bigger than 100 hectares. Ceramics predominates in the industry and artisanship. The biggest ceramics company is Cerkam. There is also a company producing wooden lamps, two car repair shops, building company and a carpenter's workshop. The Henryk Sucharski primary school takes an active part in the social life of Stróżewo.


Stróżewice has 200 inhabitants. The village centre is marked by a high wooden cross next to a former primary school building from the beginning of the XIX Century. Nearby there is a shop and an old inn from the turn of the XIX Century. The village has a water supply system, but some farms still have old wells. Soon telephones will be installed. There are only eight farmers. The village includes also Trzaskowice, with 50 inhabitants, and the hamlet Jacewko.